You Deserve Every Dollar

We at E.S.TAX & ACCOUNTING SERVICES knowing the right questions to ask, and the right information to look for, to make sure you get the biggest tax refund you qualify for. Our C.P.A Professionals uses the latest technology and tax laws to make sure your taxes are done right.

We offer a Second Look Review of your previous returns no matter who filed them. Our Second Look Review has found errors on 2 out of 4 returns each year. To make certain you get the service you deserve, our Satisfaction Guarantee ensures you don't pay until you're satisfied with our work.

Our Guarantees

The dedication and expertise of our tax professionals is always with you, even after your returns are filed. Behind every return is an accurate guaranteed and a commitment to supporting you in the unlikely event of an audit.

Our Tax Professionals can prepare your Payroll Taxes for your Small Business such as Employee Taxes,withholding: Social Security (FICA), Medicare, Federal and State Income Taxes, Unemployment Tax for both for Federal and State.

Quarterly Estimated Taxes: Small Businesses can subtract their expenses from their income each quarter, and apply their income tax rate. Our Tax Professionals will make sure you are meeting all of your responsibilities and seizing every opportunity to reduce your quarterly taxes.

Sales Taxes: Most services remain exempt from sales tax, but most products are taxable (typical exceptions are food and drugs). If a small business sells a product or service that is subject to sales tax, the business must register with the state's tax department. Then taxable and nontaxable sales must be tracked and included on the company's sales tax return.