What We Do

At E.S. TAX & ACCOUNTING SERVICES our Tax Professionals are available during the entire year. You're sure to find someone who meets your specific needs.

Tax Preparation: for individual tax services or for your specific tax needs.

Audit Support: assistance in preparing an audit response and representation on your behalf in an IRS tax audit proceeding.

Business Services: From payroll and bookkeeping to taxes and advice.

Saving time by filing your own taxes can be quite a challenge: from maximizing your deductions to minimizing your tax liability. We prepare tax returns year-round in order to keep up-to-date with the changing tax laws.
Sure, there are software packages that claim to help you through the use of interviews and interactive menus, but you still need a strong understanding of the tax rules that apply to you in order to use them properly. Furthermore, a computerized script cannot "detect" an issue in your tax situation.


E.S.TAX & ACCOUNTING SERVICES year-round personalized service we talk to our clients, and are available throughout the year to advice on life changes or IRS problems that may arise. There will inevitably be events that impact your tax responsibilities such as the birth of a child, start of a new business, sale or purchase of a home or inheritance from your parents. We analyze your life changes not only for tax risks, but for opportunities, as well.
Don't wait for a letter from the IRS to start working with a team of Certified Public Accountants that have the knowledge and resources to help you.